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😷 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills 👓 Harvard & UCLA grad 💕 Wife, Mom, Publisher, creator of MD GLAM, also IG@surgeon beautybydrcat.com

Dr. Cat Begovic (@beautybydrcat)

Since it's the holidays, it makes me reflect upon my life, priorities, and everything I have done throughout this year. As a plastic surgeon, I work in a field that is easily judged, misconstrued, and often seen as superficial. That is usually so far from the truth. I meet so many wonderful women who have unselfishly given themselves to their families, work, and society. They come to me to get help to improve their quality of life whether it's a medical condition, beauty enhancement, or just to do something for themselves for once that will help their appearance, self esteem, or confidence. Regardless of what it is, they all have one thing in common; they are beautiful, kind, and often selfless souls. I feel blessed for the closeness I have with my patients and our relationships that go beyond the unbelievable trust and respect we share. Let's not forget that our inside beauty and kindness is what matters the most at the end of the day and before anyone judges, people should know that many are afraid to come out of their shell because they don't feel good about their outside appearance and it's always easy to say that we should love ourselves for who we are, but let's be realistic! We don't work like that. Most of us can't command ourselves to do that! And no one should ever be criticized for doing something that makes them feel prettier or more confident. Prejudices, judgments, online bullying, calling people out, unwanted non-constructive criticism are all things that should end up on our list of the New Years resolution that we need to work on eradicating. Have a great holiday weekend - Dr. Cat
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