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Dr. Cat Begovic (@beautybydrcat)

I got a lot of interesting questions about this photo which showed the piece of skin and fat removed with the last tummy tuck I performed. People asked me if this a method for tattoo removal on different body parts. I don't recommend cutting out pieces of skin for tattoo removal since there are less invasive ways of doing so, but if it happens to be on the lower abdomen, it will be removed. If there are stretch marks on the lower abdomen they are also removed with a tummy tuck. I was also asked if someone can save their tattoo or bring the piece of tissue home or what happens to it after surgery. Any tissue removed in surgery either goes to pathology - if there is something that needs to be biopsied - or it goes into the biohazard disposal. I got some questions about whether or not the tissue could be used on other parts of the body. The skin and fat removed with tummy tuck plus its associated blood vessels are sometimes used in breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer to create a new breast. I did this surgery a lot when I used to perform breast reconstruction and microvascular surgery at UCLA. Another question I was asked was what the biggest or heaviest piece I ever removed was. I can't remember the exact number but I have removed up to 15 inches of skin weighing almost 10 pounds on a post lap band patient. Tummy tucks are one of my favorite surgeries to perform because they make such a huge positive difference in patients' lives and skin is not something you can exercise away. #tummytuck #plasticsurgery