Couples 😜💓 (@cute.couple.videos) [similar]

"If you love her/him, remember that on bad days" ❤️ 👫 👬 👭 ❤️

Couples 😜💓 (@cute.couple.videos)

“why does the night look to you when you’ve got nothing but lilacs pressed to your palms? tell me we’ve all got stars and pearl-dust in our drinks. tell me I’m getting drunk on something beautiful. I only feel beautiful when my feet can’t tell floor from hips. let’s play a game of hide-and-seek. let’s turn mirrors to canvas to hidden. cover them in our stripper lipstick and our favorite words. this want for a certainty is not subtle, not like the way I wake up with empty lungs and chimneys for fingers. maybe this would have been wonderful if I was a plant seeking out heat, but I’m a bubble on a rainy days. filled to the mouth with a child’s belief. the way every haunting remains a rumor when proven true. this is to say roses bloom in the pond I’m submerged in, like I’ve got amnesia for skin. I’ve got teeth made of diamonds biting into myself tonight. or maybe something grittier. metallic. something blue with risk. but like everything I’ve wanted to leave, I ask it to stay.”
—CALLISTEIA // Patricia Camille Antony via tumblr