Beau and Hilde The GSDs (@beauty_andthebeau) [similar]

Beau: Seattle, WA adventure pawtner 🌲🗻⛵️ GSD born 9/7/14 🐶🐾 The Little Prince 🐺👑 Hilde: Little Sister 🐺🎀 born 7/7/16 all black GSD Warrior Princess 👑

Beau and Hilde The GSDs (@beauty_andthebeau)

Today dad put some ice cubes❄️❄️👅 on the floor for us to split and Hilde picked up four of them in her mouth (leaving me one) and ran into the other room to eat them all 😳 and dad said "oh're in trouble!" 😂😂😂🙈 Why did you have to get me a smart sister when a dumb one would do!? 😝🐺🐺🎀🐾🐾🐾💗