8WK Challenge Boxing Bootcamp (@absolutebyamber) [similar]

🔸Mon, Wed & Fri 5am & 6am 🔸Tue & Thurs 9.30am 🔸Saturday 7am 💜Ladies Only - 8 wk challenges - FREE 7 DAY TRIAL #abagirls

8WK Challenge Boxing Bootcamp (@absolutebyamber)

Ladies!! The International Women's Day Fun Run in on Sunday 5th of March, it's coming up fast and it's 50% off tomorrow so be ready and sign up!! Jump on the ABA girls team and run or walk your 5 or 10kms for an amazing cause! Details of how to join my team are coming tomorrow!! Stay tuned!! Check out www.womensdayfunrun.com.au for more details! #abagirls #joinme #run #funrun #breastcancerawareness #fundraiser #runforacause #digdeep #donatenow #brisbane