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Get More Clients Now (@thetyemiles)

BEING YOUR BEST YOU COMES WITH A COST!!! When I first started my career as a Hairstylist, I felt so awkward(out of place). •
Everything I knew about the industry was textbook and so far from the reality I was experiencing as a booth renter. •
I had high hopes and a strong refusal to be like the status quo of the industry. So even at the risk of getting a side eye......others looking at me differently and the occassional, "Who Does She Think She Is?"

I committed to be a PROFESSIONAL not just a LICENSED beauty professional. You know how it is, you desire to operate in one way(on a higher level) then you get into your industry (your work environment) and pretty soon your expection lessen based off your experience and then next thing you know, you've started to display some of the very habits you once said you would not🤔


Just a few tips on OWNING YOU!

#1. Dont shrink yourself to make others comfortable
#2. Never lower your expection of yourself.
#3.You may be the 1 to create the change you desire to see in your environment or just maybe the industry.
#4. Accept that everyone won't understand your level of excellence and be OK with it!

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