Matt Youngberg (@ratchet_remodel) [similar]

Matt Youngberg (@ratchet_remodel)

Nothing too huge happened today, just finished up the dark grey paint job and purchased new linens. $75 worth of towels is all I'm into this remodel as of now. Also, we have a special guest appearance from Bob the Builder. Bobs been studying up on his pedigree (and been watching the #westminsterdogshow ) He insists he heralds from the working class; that's up for debate. I will give him credit though, he's usually quite helpful when it comes to plumbing (preview of what's to come this weekend 😉) #bathroom #bathroomdecor #bathroomremodel #TanBathroomRemodel #BobTheBuilder #americanbulldog #americanbullies #ratchetremodel