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I'm known as many things: lush, tramp, unfit mother. However, I'm just Jimmy. Jimmy who takes every day and all its adventures as it comes.

Jimmy Horn (@jimmyh94)

This morning, I received the unfortunate news that my Uncle Roger passed away. Despite his flaws, and errors, he was only human and he was a good man. He always had a smile on his face, this huge bellowing laugh, he always smelled of pipe tobacco (in the best, homey kind of way) and always saw the bright side in everything. I'm sorry we didn't get around to seeing each other more often, and you will be dearly missed by all the people and lives that you've touched. Despite it all, you'll always be my Uncle Roger. #RestInPeace #Uncle #Memories #Reflecting #Roger #Tobacco #Pipe #Jolly #Laughter #Optimist #Kroger #Missed