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Matt Youngberg (@ratchet_remodel)

I frequently hear people my age say "I wish they knew how close we were" while talking about their nieces and nephews, or even their own children. When I was in the 8th grade, my parents decided to adopt a baby despite their old age (dad was 49). #BabyJakey as my dad called him was the highlight of all of our lives; I mean growing up as the youngest child I always wanted a younger sibling. The bond that this lil dude and I had while I was in my adolescent years was incredible; we did EVERYTHING together. Much has changed, but I can still ALWAYS rope him into things like hitting up the #RatchetRemodel late on a Saturday night. I'd dare say "I wish he knew how close we were" but I think deep down he knows it, but he's too proud to admit it right now. #Adoption #AdoptionRocks #AdoptionWorks #PapasShop