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sol sky (@le_zaiid)

this one person is one of my biggest supporters. times i complain about school and i want to quit or anything. this person never fails to tell me how much they support me. how much they believe i can get through this. and i got this. eventhough there are times we have disagreements about certain things. and i stay ready to stab him. i have a support system thats not even here. there been times that seemed like almost everyone around me told me to quit and i would sit and actually contemplate on it. and he would be the first to tell me not to listen to that. that i got this. ive come this far and I'm almost done. that anything worth having doesn't come easy. that i need to just focus. tells me he supports me because he doesn't want to see me fail in life. we support eachother actually. im just greatful God has placed him in my path. and just because people make mistakes doesnt make them a bad individual. #solskymu#beautyblogs #beautyblogger #supportsystem #littlethingsthatmatter #greatful