German Felipe Castro (@happycaramelito) [similar]

Artist. 🌱 Vegan 🍎 . I’m a socially conscious union and community organizer. Driven by love ❤️ towards peace and reconciliation. #revolutionoflove

German Felipe Castro (@happycaramelito)

We as Americans, reject monarchy and dictatorship in favor of democracy. Today, the nation-state continues to be the stalwart of power, but multinational corporations are quickly dwarfing nation-states, in terms of powerful, influence, money and in some cases, even military might. We spend most of our days working, under business who are top-down decision making bodies; corporate dictatorship. We are subject to the whelps of the unaccountable “stockholders,” the superpacs who protect the real identities of their donors, and corporations who get bailed out, but really we’re bailing out the wealthy investors. But there is no bailout for the hardworking middle class American. We must demand a democratic representation. As such, The union is the extension of our democracy in the work place. An organization of workers who negotiate, plan and coordinate better Working conditions, pay, and more efficient service or product to the customers. Recognize that you get paid, not what your worth, but what you forcefully negotiate. We can no longer sit back as workers and allow people to dictate what we are worth. You have dignity, worth, and many times, the negotiations are more important in allowing us to have a say in our lives. To have some control of our future. As of right now, we don’t have control of educational policy, healthcare policy, not even war and peace. It’s not even our politicians, but a select few, and increasingly, foreign wealthy investors who are cleverly investing and indirectly influencing our politics. Be concerned about your co-workers. #union #unionstrong #peoplepower #democracy #democracyatwork #laborunions #poorpeoplescampaign #woke #sindicatos #unitedwestand #united #photooftheday #organize