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Becky Clawson Ifbb Pro (@fitprobecky)

Ask me about the day I turned pro and I’ll tell you, I was not over the moon excited. Yeah it was surreal when they announced 3rd and I realized I won a pro card. And pretty sweet when the announced 2nd and I realized I won. But I was not absolutely elated like I thought I would be! Sure, it was cool the next day to get so many congratulations, to do the interviews and photo shoots, to know I cleared that hurdle and could call myself an IFBB Pro. But after the weekend was over, I went back home to my normal life. I showed up at the gym Monday morning ready to go and my trainer asked me what I was doing there! Didn’t I want time off? Well no, it was Monday and it was leg day and I was just operating on auto pilot so there I was, ready to train!
That’s how I was that entire prep - and probably why I wasn’t as pumped as I could’ve been after my win. To me, it was finishing a journey, completing a task. I was never about turning pro anyway - I was about the process. And viewing it that way helped me get through tough times during prep. But putting the blinders on also made me miss out on some important, fulfilling aspects in my life.
My priorities at the time (in order):
1️⃣ competing
2️⃣ work (to pay for competing)
3️⃣ family
4️⃣ my relationship
5️⃣ God
I can’t even list friends because all my friends were fellow competitors and I counted doing cardio together as socializing 🤦🏼‍♀️
Maybe balancing my priorities and nurturing my soul a bit more would’ve allowed me to enjoy that moment as it was happening, rather than realizing the weight of the accomplishment many months later. Then again, to work that hard and achieve such goals, you kinda need blinders on. 🤷🏼‍♀️
But if I had it to do over again, I would not place competing above personal relationships - and certainly not above God (I am horrified by that). I realized this in retrospect and my later years of competing were not so empty. I’m glad I learned the lesson, but I hope you newer competitors learn it sooner than I did. Competing is a great experience, but it’s not lasting. Your fondest memories will be of friends and family - they make life worthwhile. To me, that's having it all 💕🙏🏻