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Becky Clawson Ifbb Pro (@fitprobecky)

Seemingly random pic right? It served a purpose when it was snapped. Let me explain: this was at finals for the Detroit Pro and I had just gotten feedback from the head judge - he said my glutes needed to be tighter. All I heard was "you're fat". So without me knowing, my friend took this pic to prove that I was not, in fact, fat. I mean check out that thigh gap (the girl behind me was wearing an orange dress which happened to highlight it 😂)
When I had time to actually process my feedback, I knew the judge was right. Having come from Figure, I was so focused on not coming in too hard that I hardly ate anything the morning of the show (I literally ate 2 oz of tuna and 15 almonds before PJ). I came in tiny - and so flat I looked a bit soft. For my next show I ate a bit more, came in a touch fuller and thus looked tighter. As a result I went from last call out to first, proving the judge's feedback was accurate. It was my interpretation of it, in the moment, that was not.
Thank goodness for my dear friend who took this pic and talked me off the ledge. A friend like this serves as a reality check and I hope you all have one in your corner.
Looking back on this experience, I wonder if sometimes, when I give feedback, it affects some of you in the same way. After all, I don't know if you have body images issues or eating disorders. I'm just giving you an objective opinion of what you need to improve upon. It's your job to interpret that, put it to work and keep it in perspective. If you struggle with body dysmorphia the way I did, I hope that you have a strong support system in place to help you frame the feedback, and to keep you safe and healthy. Because no competition, no trophy, NOTHING is worth your sanity. Through the process of competition, we create mindsets - good and bad - and they can follow us through the rest of our lives. Do whatever it takes to learn healthy habits - and discard the demons you may unearth in the process. And if you can't do it yourself, enlist a solid support system to help you sort it out. I'm so glad I did! It was the key to my success - and sometimes my survival - over the years! #bigpicture #perspective