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Peopledelphia (@peopledelphia)

“The most difficult part of art-making isn’t the physical putting together of elements. It’s facing your fear of manifesting an expression of yourself. Doing that takes courage and I think our battles are more invisible than we realize. For me art is about survival. Eating and sleeping are just the details that fall into place when you figure out what really makes you alive. Surviving means showing up every day, fighting for my work, and putting my time in--and that's the second hardest part. Even if all I do is sweep, I still respect the process. It's evolution at its finest-- the willingness to be wrong, to let go, to change. In the mornings I help people get to work with @Lyft and then I go to the studio and put in a full day of work. It's a great routine and real privilege.”
- Laura Sallade (@lsallade), Artist and @Lyft Driver
[This is post 5 of an 8 post partnership with @Lyft, which highlights how the ride sharing app is powering the passions of Philadelphians.]
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