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National Costume
Bunga Jelitha - Miss Universe Indonesia 2017
“Warrior of Orangutan” by @rinaldyyunardi @rinaldyyunardiofficial
Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth with the second largest forest abatement after Brazil that spread over in the island of Borneo. The existence of this forest makes Indonesia becoming the lungs of the world. But the high irresponsible of human activity, causing the damaged forests of Kalimantan which have an impact on the decreasing habitat of wildlife, especially Orangutan. Orangutans are an endemic animals protected by a State with near-extinction status. This is due to the declining population of Orangutan which has so far recorded as many as 104,700 populations.
This costume was inspired by the warrior war suit that made from eco-friendly recycled paper material which is then woven and looks like wicker rattan, emblazoned by Kalimantan ornaments symbolizing robustness and fighters to protect Orangutan and Kalimantan forest.
The crowns symbolize the customary power of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan who live in harmony with nature and the forest. The details of Orangutan face on the back of the head means that they need help and protection from humans to survive by not damaging their habitat in the forest.
Jewelry bracelets with shoes up to the knee depict the shield and the readiness of a knight to fight to defend and protect Orangutan habitat from irresponsible parties.
This costume was created as a form of campaign to all parties and the global community to protect Orangutan and their habitat in the forests of Borneo. The Warrior of Orangutans means that every human being is a warrior and a knight who has an obligation to maintain the balance and sustainability of nature and protect the habitat of Orangutan and Kalimantan forest.
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