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Hang Son Ðoòng: The biggest cave in the world! 😳
The Son Ðoòng Cave is in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam, one of the largest limestone regions of the world, and hides a real microcosm inside 😍

The cave is 2.5 million years old and has been carved out by the Rao Thuong River - Hang Son Ðoòng in fact means "mountain river cave". The cave is 9 km long and about 80 wide in average, with sections reaching up to 250 m tall and more than 200 m wide!😱 But the most surprising aspect is that, where the stone was weaker, the ceiling collapsed, creating enormous skylights which have favoured the growth of a flourishing greenery 🌴

The ecosystem - which is home to a varied fauna - also includes waterways, beaches, tunnels and some of the biggest stalagmites of the planet, up to 70 m high 😍

The Son Ðoòng Cave was discovered by chance in 1991 by a peasant, while the first exploration took place in 2009 thanks to a British professional team led by Howard Limbert. The team had to stop when they reached the so-called "Great Wall of Vietnam", a massive limestone wall. Other research missions have completed the discovery, even though many of the mysteries of the cave are still to be revealed 🤔

A real underground world which hides an amazing ecosystem😍

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🌍 Son Ðoòng Cave, Vietnam. 🔎 to be continued 📲on Facebook💻
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