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Dogs 4 Ever Woof (@dogs4everwoof)

Ruby Tuesday, Nash, Flippy & Splash, Bloodhound, Lab/Hound mix, Border Collie mix, & Labradoodle (10, 4, 5 & 1 y/o), NYC Public Middle School, Brooklyn, NY • A Fair Shake for Youth uses dogs to help NYC kids build empathy and reduce bullying • “We’re a social-emotional learning program that helps kids. Dogs are honest and non-judgmental and these kids are in middle school, which is a difficult time for them. Everything becomes a lesson – we had one kid say to a volunteer, ‘Your dog came from a shelter and turned out okay, and I’m in a shelter so maybe I’ll turn out okay too’. It’s amazing to see the kids build confidence and share things with the dogs.” @fairshake4youth@thedogist