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When I saw @oneoseven_official Core Flex Hydro Rich Moisturizing Cream come up on @0.8l_usa I immediately jumped on the opportuinity to try it, which is good because it sold out literally within 2 minutes. I have heard a lot about the #oneoseven brand through instagram. The essence and the Rose Vinegar Toner in particular have popped up on my feed quite frequenlty, but I have not heard much about their Moisturizing Cream. I have been using this close to 2 weeks , both day and night, and I am ready to share my thoughts. I know a couple of weeks might not seem like a very long time, but for me, when it comes to moisturizers, my skin immediately lets me know that it either hates it or likes it.
If you are not already familiar with the brand, OneOSeven is a luxury skincare line from South Korea, that uses naturally fermented vinegar as the basis for their skincare formulations. The vinegar is fermented for 7 years using rice and 20 oriental herbs. This cream claims to deliver hydration and moisturization via the natural oils and amino acids making the skin vital and bright.
Upon opening the container of cream, I smelled a faint fresh scent, which was surprising to me, becuase I was afraid it would smell of the vinegar. The cream is a standard white cream that feels light but offers a good amount of moisturization. While, I did not see miracles happen overnight, it also did not irritate my skin. I did notice forehead was a little less dry and my cheeks a little less red. If you are interested in purchasing this, it is available on #Nordstrom .com for $52.
🚨Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount from 08liter in exchange for my honest opinion. .

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