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Hi Freaks, I'm Alysha. Just a mom learning about skin care, one sweet new product at a time.

Face Freaks (@facefreaks)

Well my Friday flew by, Face Freaks! But our house is clean and EMPTY! 😂
Today's #amroutine is from several weeks ago and shows a change in eye cream--I went back to a previous bottle I'd only half used and enjoyed very much, but wanted to see if I truly liked it after trying other things (I'm sure you've never done this! 😆). I started with #deciem's #sanskritsaponins #facecleanser, which Brandon Truaxe says, when pressed, he uses every day. I did a YouTube video review on it and I'll link it in my bio. :-) Then I took a massive departure from my standard @carolinehirons' addict routine follower ways and skipped acid toning in lieu of #niod's Flavanone Mud. This mask is pretty strong and few that I know say it doesn't tingle significantly at one point or another, and afterwards as well. After a 15 minute mask, I rinsed it off gently (easy to accomplish in slightly warm water and a soft swipe of a wet washcloth to finish). Then I spritzed with simple rosewater and immediately applied three thin stripes of NIOD's CAIS, rubbed it in, and did the same with three drips of my half half combo of pre-mixed NIOD MMHC2 and Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age. Next I moved to my eyes to allow my face to dry a tad, and swiped my lash lines with #lashserum, then NIOD's FECC on my left eye and Hylamide's SubQ Eyes on my right, and my "let's try it again" eye cream: #origins A Perfect World #eyeserum (thicker silicone based, ridiculously lovely lemony smell, and nice texture). Then back to my face to do my standard day trio: #theordinaryskincare's Niacinamide and zinc, EUK134, and NIOD's Survival0.
I hope you all have marvelous weekends, full of delightful adventures. I feel so relieved to not have any crazy pressing obligations today. Hugs, Freaks!
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