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Hi Freaks, I'm Alysha. Just a mom learning about skin care, one sweet new product at a time.

Face Freaks (@facefreaks)

Good morning Monday Face Freaks! Things are feeling very real over here in countdown land. I will post for the next three days, but I don't know how long it will take to get our internet up and running in Beijing. So after Wednesday's post I will likely be MIA for several days. I will take pictures of our adventures along the way to post later. πŸ’ž
Today's #amroutine is from several weeks ago. I began with cheap and cheerful #avalonorganics' lovely, softly tangerine scented, Intense Defense Cleansing Milk #facecleanser. Then I used #nipandfab's Extreme Glycolic Night #acidtoner pads, again a good price point, somewhat citrus scented, and an even better value if you snip the pads in half. (I like to do a chunk at a time, work my way through that cut pile, then snip some more.) Then I sprayed my face with #origins' Ginzing #hydratingtoner (this spray nozzle should be much better for the price. Sorry Origins. I've had two bottles and they both were not good). I like to apply #deciem's #niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum directly on top of my face when it is still moist from the hydrating mist. It helps me use less CAIS, because it can spread more easily, and the mist brings the pH closer to an acceptable framework for CAIS to work within given I've used an acid preceding both to start. (Mouthful.πŸ˜†) Anyhow, after that I used my weirdo half half combo of pre-mixed NIOD MMHC2 and #Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age. Both of these are great. Buy whichever you can afford. If you can't afford either, grab Buffet instead. It's a little thicker than SubQ Anti-Age but still very nice. Then I swapped to my eye region (which is silly in a way, because so far everything except my acid toner HAS gone on my eyes...digression here); I used #lashserum, NIOD's Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate on my left eye and Hylamide's SubQ Eyes on my right, and a second Origins' product: A Perfect World for Eyes (maybe one of my favorite fragrances after @jordansamuelskin's PliΓ© cleanser, but similar in citrus note). Moving back to my face, I used my standard day trio: #theordinaryskincare's Niacinamide and zinc, EUK134 gangbuster antioxidant, and NIOD's Survival0 for extra measure. πŸ’•