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Hi Freaks, I'm Alysha. Just a mom learning about skin care, one sweet new product at a time.

Face Freaks (@facefreaks)

Face Freaks, I find it poetic and prophetic that I took this picture weeks ago and it lined up with today--our departure day to move to Beijing, China. Look at that cup--empty and ready to be filled with new and exciting experiences as a family. (And definitely fun new skincare available to me!😆) 💞
Today's #amroutine is from several weeks ago and started with #clinique's Extra-Mild Liquid Facial Soap, which definitely has a soap smell to me, but I have to agree with queen @carolinehirons that using the moniker "soap" for it seems ludicrous. 😆 It's fine. If I was a diehard Clinique fan-girl and wanted something to purchase to put me over the edge for gift-with-purchase, I'd say it's worth considering. Otherwise I love many other #facecleanser options far more.
After cleansing, I swiped my face with #nipandfab's Extreme Glycolic Night #acidtoner pads, and neutralized the pH with #larocheposay's #serozinc #hydratingmist. Then I applied three thin stripes (one across forehead and one on each cheek) of #deciem's #niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum #cais with my half half combo of pre-mixed NIOD MMHC2 #mmhc2 and #Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age coming after.
I allowed my face to dry (doesn't take long as both of those layers are not very viscous) and started on my eyes in earnest: #lashserum, which in real Alysha time I just hit two months of trialing a different lash serum on my left eye. I've been taking pictures and looking forward to seeing if there's an increase compared to the pictured option. Then NIOD's #FECC on my left eye and Hylamide's SubQ Eyes on my right, and #origins' A Perfect World for Eyes all over. Back to my face, I applied three teensy tiny drops of #theordinaryskincare's Niacinamide and zinc to my face, rubbed in (too much and it gets soapy feeling) and their EUK134 antioxidant on top. Then NIOD's Survival0 to cap everything off. When I get back online for real, I will start posting some of the results and products I have been trialing against one another. 💞