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A complete reconstruction of these lashes using .05, .07, and .15mm lashes 😱

This client came to me after having pulled out her own lash extensions (from another place). When lash extensions get pulled, tugged on, or twisted, your natural lashes end up suffering the consequence. And not all lash extension artists have the tools and materials to perform this kind of “surgery”. I also don’t recommend reconstructing lashes on a lash line like this, however my client needed to look presentable for a special trip and I knew how to carefully apply them for a one-time deal.

What I DO recommend for all lash extension wearers is to always use a lash serum, does not matter the brand because so many have become available and work almost identically. The stronger your lashes are, the more FIERCE your lash extensions will look...and your lash retention will improve too 😇 ⭐️ Adela