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Hi Freaks, I'm Alysha. Just a mom learning about skin care, one sweet new product at a time.

Face Freaks (@facefreaks)

Warmest greetings to you Face Freaks! Here's my #pmroutine from several weeks ago, when it was still Fall. I started with #damesanddimes' absolutely gorgeous Chocolate Orange Cleansing Balm, which I still am completely smitten with. If you're in England in particular, good grief, grab one! It must be removed with a very warm damp washcloth, in the Caroline Hirons' fashion, and it is lush. Even with shipping to the US, it was only $17 after I found a coupon. I think that is perfectly reasonable for such a glorious product. 💞 Anyhow, after that I did a quick second cleanse with #larocheposay's Toleraine Gentle Hydrating #facecleanser, since I had spf on. Then I used #biologiquerecherche's P50W 1970 #acidtoner, the slightly gentler sister to her non-W version. I spritzed my face with #artnaturals' Soleil Mineral water #hydratingmist, and immediately applied three thin stripes of NIOD's #cais (Copper Amino Isolate Serum) on top. Then I used my weirdo but effective serum mixture: NIOD's MMHC2 and #Hylamide's SubQ Anti-Age. I switched over to my eyes and started with #lashserum (this particular product has done nothing for me, I'm sorry to report), then NIOD's FECC on my left eye and Hylamide's SubQ Eyes on my right, with #purlisse's Blue Lotus 4 in 1 Eye Adore Serum over everything. Back to my face, I applied Tretinoin 0.025%, prescription strength #retina, and NIOD's Survival0 over it for blue light protection and antioxidant prowess.
I hope you had a wonderful Friday, and your Saturday is full of blessings and encouragement. Hugs to all you Freaks!
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