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We are a London/Melbourne family making the tree change to a 275 acre property in Kyneton, VIC. Follow our journey as we embrace the country life

Birdsong Farm (@birdsong_farm)

The Elder 🌿🌿
I discovered this plant and its benefits three years ago when we moved to Kyneton. In the yard of the house we rented at the time was a bush covered in berries and I found out what it was
As you will see, if you ever google Elderberry, it is an amazingly versatile plant with many culinary and medicinal uses. I honestly swear by it over cold and flu season and really encourage you to have a read about its medicinal benefits. For any sceptics out there, elderberry has been subjected to scientific studies and come out looking very impressive indeed
Aside from that the folklore surrounding this plant is also fascinating. Archeological discoveries date the use of the elder tree back to the Neolithic age (2000 B.C.)
Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder both cite Sambucus as a plant useful for its potential to relieve numerous maladies

Anglo-Saxons, the Danish, and other old European societies believed the elder tree was sacred. According to Elder Tree Folklore, this sacredness came from the spirit or goddess believed to reside in the plant. It is said you must ask her permission before harvesting any of her parts. So I’ve taken to having a quick word with her before collecting berries and so far she’s obliged :) #elderberry #sambuccusnigra #elder #folklore #ancientknowledge #herbalmedicine #herbalremedies #inmygarden #letfoodbethymedicine #wisdom #naturalhealth #birdsongfarm #kyneton