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There’s nothing sweeter than being filled with the Holy Ghost. There’s no greater life to live than to live in Gods will.

Pentecostal Faith (@pentecostalfaith)

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(Late Vday post but....)
1 Corinthians 16:14 KJV
[14] Let all your things be done with charity.
“The time is near.” Is a phrase we’ve heard all of our lives. This phrase gets more and more true as each day passes. We are living in the last days. In a world where so much evil abides, Gods people must stand up for what’s right. We must stand for his word and his ways. Often we are so blinded. We get too busy... we get too distracted. We say we care but when someone needs us our face is buried in our phones.. or were in too big of a hurry to stop and lend a helping hand. We’re blessed. Help someone when you can. Whether it be feeding them, giving them a Bible study, taking them to Church, praying for them... do it all with Love. And be humble. Don’t help someone to get recognition. Don’t go through the streets taking selfies every time you hand someone a dollar to post it on social media to get told how “wonderful” you are. Be selfless. Be loving. God calls us to love one another, and It don’t have to be financial help to someone. Like I said.. a hug when their sad, or a prayer and a Bible study. Just make a difference. Don’t let it be known that you never tried to show someone Gods love. The greatest assistance you could ever give someone would be telling them about God’s love and his truth. Be the light to those in the dark. Life isn’t about how many likes you get on your Instagram post or how many subscribers you have on YouTube.. it’s about serving the Lord and following his will. Do all things with GREAT love... because God sure showed and shows us even greater love. He gave us the greatest love story ever told...He (the King of the world) robed himself in flesh and endured torment and died to pay for our sins.. then he rose as the everlasting God! 💗✝️ #doallthingswithgreatlove #witness #helpothers #showlove #acts2:38