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Hi Freaks, I'm Alysha. Just a mom learning about skin care, one sweet new product at a time.

Face Freaks (@facefreaks)

Hello Face Freaks!
I have a full looking #amroutine for you here today. :-) I started with budget fabulous #avalonorganics' C0Q10 Cleansing Milk #facecleanser (creamy, and a little drier than Caroline Hirons's second cleanser, and faintly rose-scented). Then I used half an #acidtoner pad from #nipandfab: Extreme Glycolic Night variety. I spritzed with #deciem's #hylamide Hydra Density Mist, and immediately applied three tiny drops of #niod Copper Amino Isolate Serum (#cais) on top of the moisture to make it spread well and not waste a molecule. Next I applied #lashserum, NIOD's Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate on my left eye and Hylamide's SubQ Eyes on my right, and my still new and exciting purchase from #clinique: Repairwear Laser Focus Eye Cream (100% happy with this #eyecream months later!). I moved back to my face and used my standard daytime trio: #theordinaryskincare's Niacinamide and zinc, EUK134 antioxidant, and NIOD's Survival0. Still a little dry from that weird reaction to a line that disagreed with me, I also used #bayberrynaturals' Rosehip and Hibiscus moisturizer.
Lastly I used two items from Deciem's The Chemistry Brand: Hand Chemistry, and Heel Chemistry. The former I adore. The latter I really wish I'd given more time towards trying, and particularly wish I had it here in brutally dry Beijing (it's on a boat heading our way still)! 😂
We have spent a lot of time as a family seeing sights and trying unsuccessfully to find things that are open for business during Chinese New Year. 😂
@originalsethjones got this lovely shot of my little dude asleep on my back in Tiananmen Square a few days ago. Swipe left to view it and give him some love on his page. ❤️
Have a fantabulous week, Freaks!
Hope your weekend was full of joy and fulfillment. 💞

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