Medi-Crunch (@medicrunch) [similar]

Medi-Crunch is the "No Mess, No Stress" way to give your pet medication or just as a healthy treat! 95% effective! Vet recommended! 🐶

Medi-Crunch (@medicrunch)

Don't make your dog beg for @Medicrunch 🐶 Be a good dog mom or dad and make your baby happy!
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At #MediCrunch we believe in stress free medication time with healthy treats. Our medication obscuring treats have:
▫️ Crunchy Exteriors
▫️ Soft Peanut Butter Interiors
▫️ Low Calories & Low Fat
▫️ A 95% Success Rate
▫️ A Long Shelf Life
▫️ Vet Recommended