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hailey 🌻 (don't mind the watermark)
18 y/o, lil uzi, coffee enthusiast, sweet nd nice if she likes you, hit her up!! 🤙🏼
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its my birthday wooo♡
i don't care or bad decisions?


Why ur so perfect

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luna 💭🥛
a sappy twink in love with blue. that's it.


katalina lestrange. 🥀
'97. scorpio. slytherin. asa's princess. lover of all, but her eyes only admire him. versatile. kinky. proud filipino. feminist. musician. owns a hypoallergenic shih tzu named piglet. brodway enthusiast. introvert. loves talking about anything and everything. believer of soulmates. blm. she needs more friends, so feel free to say hi. @/animeluvrs made my theme <3

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#prayforfelix ain't nothin' wrong he just needs it

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yo new acct @knifckink bc tags don't work

— e l a i n a 🥀 (@knifckink)

elaina elizabeth schuyler 🍑
twenty/ single/ vers/ girl and boy kisser/ hamilton enthusiast
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ARIANA (@royalarianator)

Missing my childhood 😔


ALEX. proud feminist n' cat mom.