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Life is better when greens are next to you💚

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How to make the best of the autumn materials? How to avoid getting lost in all the possibilities: colours, textures, leaves, berries...
For me the best way is to go back to basics: keep the design simple, close to the classic ikebana forms with the 3 main stems. And on top of that choose only 1 main characteristic to be emphasised in the arrangement.
You will still get a great variety of arrangements, I promise. 😉 Here are 2 recent examples from my client work. I selected "autumn colours" as my main focus and explored this theme in 2 different colour ranges.
It is the same place, same season, same simple ikebana design but 2 very different characters.
There is a lot to discover in working with colours: harmony vs. contrast, single colour vs. complex mix and so much more. I put together a distilled versions of my fascination with the colour theory into a blogpost (link in the profile). Check it out.

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I'll be lovin' u long time💖
사실 카네이션은 참 특별한 꽃이예요:)

I'll 🌸 (@magomaga)

be lovin'u long time

🌸Mirae (@biglovemm9)

Laundry time👚

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2ページ目 ブルーbottleに刺したものが


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