hey bitch i love you so much and i bet your ass is confused on what this is but hey i gotta express all the love i got for your ass starting off with this. we've been friends for fucking seven months holy I'm not gonna lie tbh but i never thought we'd make it this far like wow you're such a blessing to my life our friendship lasts longer then all my past and I'm pretty sure future relationships too, honestly i don't know where I'd be now if i wasn't your friend, i probably would've been left roleplay or even left this account for good and i wouldn't be where i am now, you helped me through so much you're my ride and die you helped me when i was depressed and when i felt lonely or when i felt the need to cry, you always knew how to put a smile on somebodys face no matter what the problem was and all your positive vibes helped me ontop of that too, i wouldn't be who i am now if it wasn't for you. I wouldn't be some happy motivating person like you, the positivity you have helped me so fucking much you're my sunshine on my darkest days, the rainbow to my rainy days you're my loml and i lovw you soooooo much and i would be so hurt to even see you hurt. In fact I'd be devastated, you helped me so much and when the day comes when you're hurt or anything I'll be there for you no matter what because you've always been there for me now it's time to help you with a favour, but i wanna thank you for being my bestfriend for the past seven months almost eighth by next month but thank you for putting up with all my bs and my irritating self, if you ever need anyone to rant to, talk to in general, or even just laugh things off and make jokes and all that like we usually do. You atleast have me no matter what till dusk till dawn and I'll always have your back behi even if times get rough, i love youuu 🤞🏼💞
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liam (@liamloveskins)

liam 🔭
cmmt x5 for a tbh & dm?


comment for a tbh in dm's


smh i’m happy.

🕊️♡ (@wanderbby)

important! ♡


nowadays i think a lot about u but i really don’t wanna bother u :/

Ashley (@pizzajcrk)

I really want an older brother! Any volunteers?

사랑해 우주만큼 (@love.seoa)

세상에서 제일 따뜻하고 자상한 내편
자랑하자면 바다끝 해저구만리까지 파내어도 모자라
쓰레기한번 내손으로 버려본적 없는 여자로 살게해주는 정빈이
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Okay jay my twinny my other half you are like a good ass damn brother to me the one i never had well i have brothers but you're better then them, but okay let me start this off by saying this was the best eight months of my life with you, you're honestly so damn funny so whenever I'm in a sad or low mood you always make me laugh without even realizing it. Also all those lying ass exes you had they don't mean shit because at the end of the day, you'll find your true love someday and that love will last but listen this isn't about you're love life this is about how great of a damn friend you've been to me, whenever you're feeling sad or depressed or anything in general you could come to me because no matter how much you've been there for me it's time for me to be there for you even though I've also been doing that but still you've helped me alot like behi and i don't know what I'd do without you, my life wouldn't be the same without you or behi you both mean so much to me more then everyone in real life, just know this jay that I'll always be there for you and always have your back because you're my bestfriend my one and only boy bestfriend the only person i truly fw (not thay way but you get what i mean) you're like a damn great older brother to me and i thank you for even being in my life i don't really got much to say but i enjoy every single moment we've had together such as us joking around or cracking jokes about our exes or even just calling each other names such as "whore" "hoe" or "slut" in joking matters, just know whatever girl you end up dating she'll damn straight be lucky because you're a keeper not much guys care about girls or love them like you do 😂 other boys mainly care about is fucking and leaving but you, i remember that one time you agreed with me i think about how girls are the best on the earth? Something like that and how you said girls are beautiful, not many guys are like that and that makes you special just know you'll always have someone that'll love you and I'm one of those someones 😂 but i love you so much jay and i couldn't possibly imagine a life without you 💕 #openrp #newopenrp #closedrp

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cutie, like oh gosh 💗


You are a fucking slut ✌️

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