Zeina (@zeinamo7amed)

المعنى الحقيقى لصديقة الطفولة والجدعنة اللى جانبى فى وقت حزنى قبل فرحى، مع بعض بقالنا ١٤ سنة و مكملين لأخر العمر ان شاء الله، اقرب واحدة ليا فى الدنيا كلها اللى عارفة عنى كل حاجة اللى بتفهمنى من غير ما اتكلم، عارفة لو حد غيرك هكتب له كلام كتير اوى بس انتى عارفة انتى ايه بالنسبالى ❤️ كل سنة و انتى طيبة يا قلبى و عقبال ما اشيل ولاد هيدوله كدة 😂😂، و دايماً مطلعة عينك و مطلعة عينى و مع بعض لأخر العمر ان شاء الله ❤️❤️❤️❤️، بموووووت فيكى 😍❤️❤️ #Monaaaa #Anboooo #YaShabab #childhoodbestfriend #14yearsandstillcounting #AnaBalsam #HatyElFelosEl3aleky

Silvia Ambu (@ambu_silvia)

"Friends will be friends
When you're in need of love they give you care and attention...
Hold out your hand
'Cause friends will be friends
Right 'til the end" #friendsforlife
#loveyougirl❤️ #friendsnomatterwhat #friendsnomatterthedistance #specialgirl #coolchick #14yearsandstillcounting

David Khieu (@daeweed__)

‘You can take everything away from me, just spare me a football.’ Some ugly fotos but with countless memories. #14yearsandstillcounting #repostcuzihadto

Claresta Millennia Govin (@clarestamgovin)

Friday, 17/11/2017
Our friendship, has no shape ❌⬛️🔵🔺🔸
It cant be measured with a tape
Our friendship flows like water 💧
It adapts according to situation and matter
Our friendship tastes like cake 🍰
It is sweet and never fake 💫
Our friendship is like a diamond 💎
It is precious and rare👀🖤
Thankyou for being my human-diary 💬
Thankyou for being a moodbooster🤡
Thankyou for being you😏👌 Happiest Birthday to you Raphaella😘💕💕
You know i only wish and want the best for you right.
Stay awesome, stay gorgeous, stay dodol☺️, goodluck on your studies okeii dun give up!👩🏻‍⚕️💉😛
Cheers to another 365 days filled with love, friendship, adventure, and excitement!🍺1️⃣8️⃣💚💚
I was about to write longer than this. But i guess i alrdy got the point. You matter🤘🖤 #14yearsandstillcounting
Love you beyond wordsss😘 #raphaellaisgettingolder
(( full versionnya entarlaaaya😌 @raaphaellaaa ))

Farihah Erra (@farierra)

On 28th Feb 2014, @farahfathiyah and I went for BLS in Hosp Klang together as a student... And today, 14th Nov 2017, we have another BLS together but as a houseman... How time flies with this gal😘😘😘 #ssp #msu #since2004andstillcounting #14yearsandstillcounting #edhtjs

luna liyana_anastasia (@lunaliyana_anastasia)

Happy belated bday to kesayanganku yang ke 27 @waniohlala ..semoga panjang umur,murah rezeki dan cepat2 kahwin.. ke kau nak tunggu aku kawin lagi baru kau nak kawin ? Mereput laaa jawabnya.. Gambar ni diambil masa aku baru habis pantang kan? #14yearsandstillcounting#friendshipgoal#mykesayangan#girlsschool#sinceform1#iloveyouwithallmyheart#kampungbarugirlspower#kecualimai#jinjang#birthdaywani911

Melissa Flores Perez 🇵🇭 (@melissafperez11)

Happy 5 year Anniversary Babe @dopey.allday, even tho it’s actually 14 years but I still like to count both 😝... I love you 💕 and lets continue to keep this going until we are grey and old 👵🏻👴🏼 #14yearsandstillcounting #5yearweddinganniversary #est100403 #isaandlalo #FOREVER

Akrant Shukla (@_akrix_)

Arey bhai bhai bhai 😂 Happy birthday chote, jigar nu tukdo, love you to the moon and back bro!! #yarana #14yearsandstillcounting