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10 facts about me:
1. I'm 21 turning 22 in march
2: I'm 5'1. Yes I'm small.
3. I've been a fan of one direction since 2010
4. I live in New York but also lived in California and Italy
5: the countries I want to go to before I die are South Africa, India, Rwanda, England, Australia and the Maldives.
6: I have an addiction to Chipotle
7: I absolutely love bobs burgers and American horror story
8: I'm a hopeless romantic and love poetic stuff
9: I once met the guy that wrote Feliz navidad
10: I love baking hahaha

lianourielle (@lianourielle)

Congratulations are in order for the Styles couple! Harry took to instagram last night posting this picture with the caption " she was letting me practice my photography by being my model and as i was going through the pictures today i saw this one and was overwhelmed with how much i love my wife who is carrying our son. She's beautiful and she's going to be the best mom and i can't wait for our little man to get here #bessed" we couldn't agree more harry we cant wait for baby styles to get here! #harlena #sarry #selenagomez #sg #selena #1d #onedirection #hazza #harry #harrystyles #lianourielle #dontsteal #mine #manip #cute