Common Rich Girl (@c.ommonrichgirl)

comment your crush name letter by letter without getting interrupted for a follow back or a DM😇

niall horan☁️ (@heavenlyhoran)

why do they look like they would be on the cover of a PG version of grand theft auto five or one of the "clue" iPhone games

Just can't get enough of them💃 (@harryheartslouisass)

why wh y Wh y WhY Do fics have to end right after the couple gets together wh Y , ypu just made me go through 90k+ of sad pining and i dont get one chapter of fluff wh y

Who The Fuck Got The Dagger? (@suckmylarryass__)

Ew this bitch posted a manips of Harry with louis' tattoos and was like "lol imagine" no bitch I can't imagine tf outta here