I don't know how many people remember the 2012 Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Hell, I wouldn't expect you to because the match was quite shit. But god damn!!! This near fall was fucking insane. I remember watching this match six years ago and jumping up and down because Santino fucking Marella came a tenth of a second away from winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd was actually rooting for Santino throughout the ENTIRE match which is mind blowing and I'm pretty sure WWE fooled every single person in attendance and throughout the world with this near fall. This was such a minor moment, but I feel as though it should be recognized and talked about more because it's one of those 'once in a decade' moments. Let's hope we have one of those moments in six nights...

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This is MY moment...Buddy. #205Live

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WWE Match of the week: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan Over The Limit 2012. Easily one of the most underrated matches of both of these careers, this match was amazing and honestly it’s sad that this match has NO recognition whatsoever, i felt like this match was pretty overshadowed due to how poor the other matches were in this show which is sad. I really enjoyed this match and it really showed the indy side of both of these guys, not to mention this was a huge match that many indy fans DIED to see since they both had a long shade of history back in ROH. i felt like their feud could’ve been much much better if it was done right, if you guys haven’t watch the full match between these two, it’s awesome and you guys won’t regret this underrated match.

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It’s really sad knowing i don’t think there’s ever a chance we will ever see Austin Aries in the WWE. WWE fucked up big time by letting Austin Aries go, but back in 2012 Austin Aries winning the TNA Heavyweight champion was probably my favorite win ever in TNA history, such a great and emotional moment which is why this is most likely my favorite. Division X was just Austin Aries show that night, even when he’s 39 years old he still looks young as hell, Austin Aries goes down as one of my favorite wrestlers ever, i love the dude to death, i just hope he continues his happy wrestling career down the road 👊


This is probably going to be better than anything on Smackdown tonight tbh #wwe #205live #nxt #prowrestling

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You guys think big show has one more run left in him ???🤔🔥

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Buddy Murphy is now 200.9lbs and ready to show the world why he's NXTs best kept secret!