Sophie Lockhart (@sophielockhart4)

I can’t believe I’ve never posted this record for a #FavoriteAlbumFriday nomination. One of my favorites of all the time. #benrector #brandnew #thementhatdrivemeplaces #notetoself #crazy #fear #makesomethingbeautiful #paris #30000feet

hodge (@fitboyhodge)

Dreaming comes with one stipulation if it’s going to become a reality.
Just make sure your work matches the dream.
Now be patient & continue to learn, and grow in many different areas of life. #Success

Emily Palmer (@emilyepalmer)

There are two types of people in this world: people who like sunrises and people who (inexplicably) do not. The man sitting in the window seat beside me fell into that second category. I realized this just as our plane took off over the snow-capped city; the sun burst yellow and pink rays, and my seat partner fiddled with the shade. What was he doing? I wondered. And why is there not a rule against such people getting window seats? “What are you doing?” I asked aloud. He was going to sleep, he informed me. To sleep (!?) Did he realize how few minutes in the day we got to experience the sunrise? And how unlikely it is to actually be up in the air in the midst of it? I persuaded him to stay awake and keep the shade up just a little while longer. (The people I should have been seated next to - if seating arrangements were coordinated based on the two types of people in this world, were seated just one row ahead of me. These people -strangers it turned out - clung to one another in wide-eyed wonder as the shimmering scene unfolded below them, their phone shutters going wild.) Meanwhile, my seating partner, had adjusted the shade half-down, so that I had to crane my neck at an angle to see out, and as we continued our ascent there were moments where I saw only light and others obscured in quasi-darkness. Then this view (or half of it anyway) came into my line of sight. “I’m going to reach over you now,” I said, and in one quick motion I yanked back the shade and snapped this picture. After, he rolled the shade back down, and I was left with the over-seat glances of my soul-seat mates and this photograph on my phone. Later, as we filed out of the plane, his travel partner asked how he’d liked the window seat. “It was nice,” he said. “Good sunrise.”

Jason Leitner (@wanderlust_jason)

The clouds could pass for drifting snow. #AA #planelife #30000feet

CuriousiDee (@curi0us.wanderer)

The coveted window seat. Seeing the world from way up here changes perspective; it makes you realize just how small you are.

Brandon Parks (@thebrandonparks)

Late post- view from plane on the way to Houston last week. #clouds #30000feet #beautiful #travel