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@Regrann from principal @amyprifti - TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS PHOTO
@Regrann from @vinecreatives - If Rose Quartz and Serenity were a person or people, what would they look like? That was and is the concept behind our Pretty In Pantone series of shoots we do every year. Each year Pantone release their colour of the year and each year we shoot our interpretation of that colour. Last year's colour was Rose Quartz and Serenity and we wanted to see how these lovely pastel colours worked on these lovely dark skinned beauties. Representing the colours as sisters who complete and complement each other perfectly. We love how it turned out! Amazing group of talented creatives worked with us on this, great team, great work. @pantone

Art Direction @nenejparsotam of @vinecreatives
Photographer @photonathalie
Models: @iamjalicia and @liiissha
MUA: @AmyPrifti
Hairstylist: @jamescatalanohair
Stylist: @stylistSFW
Studio: @adrianpinipresents

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I've been talking about food so much I feel hungry just looking at my posts. Lol. When you guys say you are salivating, trust me, before you, I have πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ *sigh*
Anyways back to fashion. So usually I talk about taking your own images and the samples I give are called flat lays but these kind of pictures are good too: pictures that your customers/clients take. Reason? they are UGC (User Generated Content). What this means is simply when your audience or a customer uses your product, they take a picture of it and put it online.
There are many businesses that have grown drastically just by introducing UGC into their marketing strategy. The first thing of course is to have a great product.
Give an incentive to your customers to post pictures of your products on Instagram and @mention you. Then repost them on your page. Its a great way to build community with your customers. More so, they'll feel closer to your brand. Incentives could be coupons, vouchers, discounts, hangouts e.t.c
People post thousands of images online, give your customers a reason to post your product or service and tag you.
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Photo credit: @house_of_glitz

Ozidu Jll Lois (@oluwalois)

You need EZINNE in your life!
@Regrann from @tereloisworld - She's a beauty
She's good
She is relentless in the pursuit of that which sets her heart on fire.
She shines bright unafraid of blinding another with her light.
She is an amazing mother.
She is a child of the King.
She is EZINNE!!! Named after the ahamazing @zinnyslifestyle .

Class. Confidence and Style guarandamnteed!! #pepperthemgang toh sure #Regrann

GATHA'S SIGNATURES (@gathassignatures)

Makeup on fleek....!!!!!! Still birthday photoshoot
Makeupdoneby.... Gathassignatures
Photo credit... Fedworks

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#54artistry #royaltymedia
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Jewelry by Ozidu Lois (@tereloisworld)

Having the energy and beauty of 5 pieces put together...πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Notice how intertwined she is? That's a reminder that no matter how twisty and full thorns life can get, it usually turns out beautifully in the end. 😍😍 .... *drum roll please* here comes KASHA MAMA!!! inspired by the so-full-of-life Kasha daughter to the badass sales genie @coachedbypadebi

Need some burst of energy? Then it's time to KASHA-ed!!! You know it's class, confidence and style baby! πŸ˜‰