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John Gotdembeats Moreland (@johnmorelandproductions)

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#Fawkes junto a Toty Ramos recibimos la visita de @julietacouto gran Jammer de #LaspiBas !!!!!! Gracias July por el gran entrenamiento, los tips justos y por tu buena onda!!!.❤️
Esperamos verte pronto nuevamente!!! 💪💪
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شستن گناه هشتاد و هشت
تطهیر فتنه و کشاندن انقلابی ها به اشوب و فتنه ارزویست که به گور میبرید ان شا الله
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Mike Garrett (@mikegarrettt)

Posted by SpiritLibrary, 05/22/2017

By Jennifer Hoffman

If you are feeling the energy surges and bumps right now that's because we are experiencing very high solar radiation through this weekend from a coronal hole (#88 to be exact). It's going to cause all kinds of energetic disruptions so watch your computer and communications, and your personal connections too. Everyone is going to be acting a little odd, some people more than others as they experience and respond to this energy.

And we have something else happening, we are at a tipping point and a turning point on this journey. We have completed a big ascension cycle, now we have to engage in descension, where we share that energy with the earth and humanity. It doesn't require a big effort and it is rather fun -- we descend the energy by embodying the peace, joy, love, prosperity, and expansion in our own lives so others can see how it works. I created a video to explain this, which you can view below and that is a link to my youtube version.

Shine on and keep that energy high and your light bright -- don't let this tipping point tip you over. There is a lot of chaos in the world because so much light and high-frequency energy is flooding the planet right now.

Paulina, 18 (@mrozikpaulina)

A tak świętuje koniec matur 😂
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MichaelMaduske (@michaelmaduske)

First time trying this new flavor. Tasty. #dothedew #dalejr #mountaindew #88