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I never knew what adventure was until I sold my car, packed up my minimal possessions and left my home of almost 20 years. I gave up comfort and security for a life of uncertainty, passion, creativity, and adventure. To me, itโ€™s about, stomping your boots in the mud, riding your bike to explore, getting caught in the rain. Currently, my only backpack is covered in dirt and grime from literally setting it down EVERYWHERE. I set my bag down in moss, soil, and rain. Itโ€™s crusted with curiosity and the unknown. Yesterday I got off work at 10am (yeah I worked THAT early) and decided, โ€œhey, letโ€™s go explore.โ€ I got on my bike, and went wherever the wind blew me. I came across beautiful landscape, scenery, and moments that truly have struck my soul. Having the ability to have such free time allowed me to look at the sky multiple times and say, โ€œI am so thankful.โ€ This life is beautiful and every single one of us is different, but if we donโ€™t all go out everyday and do what we constantly tell ourselves we canโ€™t, then we arenโ€™t reaching out full potential. Never underestimate your full potential. Get out. Do it. xx

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Great fall light while landing at DIA last week. Snow squalls over the front range add to the beauty. Watercolor Diary #240

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Daydreaming back to summers in Venice ... โ˜๏ธ

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Very special thanks to super talented @officialtrentharmon for the shout out!! Happy to know he loves our SolarBank... And it never looked better! Now go listen to Trent's music... Or better yet, download a song or ten.
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