♡ rey (@karxnina)

presents you w/ --♡--
aes; elizabeth juan ( @heyitseliz133_ )
ti; 8:41 p.m
th; appreciation aesthetics
co; black, gray, red, white and neons.
symbolizations; relationship, girl power, recently visited country, style, looks, life motto, passion and past times
it's all #RED , i feel like taylor swift now.
to my sis, who was absent from school and let me suffer 3 times in a row from today's subjects, get well soon and do come to school.
school become something even more hellish when your bae isn't present.
last one for this theme! comment for next theme suggestion.
#aesthetic #aesthetictumblr #moodboard #red #black #gray #white #neons #girlpower #badass

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your love is so cruel
but good at the same time

Kirsty (@planetkirsty)

I really like these affects 💁🏼


I had a dream about him last night and we kept trying to see each other but my parents wouldn't let me so we ran away together

q and e (@minxmagic)

@antipotatosocial how the fuck r ur textposts so sharp and high quality what is ur secret

je m'appelle Katrin (@katyagagarinaal)

The men who are robbing the souls of the people