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Tonight at Q Studios, i will be showcasing my work at @thenycgrind
Starts at 7pm-1am Link is in the bio. $15 online (2 for $25) and $20 at the door
E,R,M,7 to Court Sq 3-4 blocks away

Manzili 3D | OKC (@manzili3d)

A F R I C A N R O S E | Happy Saturday everyone! Today consists of studio clean up for the new year! Get 40% OFF storewide all month long with code AFROLOVE ! -
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1AG🌍 Confirmed. DO's & DON'Ts list. Repost from @katobeats @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost AfroPop! CLT Vol.17 is only a few hours away! Here's a crafted DO's & DON'Ts list to help ensure you enjoy the best vibez possible. Rule number 1.) DO come prepared to DANCE! 💃💃// Dance is an art-form to be shared not withheld my friends, so be ready to express your masterpieces! Comfortable shoes are recommended.... heels might not be the best option 😂😂. Tunes spanning across various melanin cultures are featured - so whatever your flavor, you'll likely find the beat that makes your body groove (with some exceptions 😂😂! See article 3 for details)

2.) DO dress in African/Caribbean attire // This, of course is not a requirement, but the vibes resonate higher with the clothing, and may increase the likely-hood to shake your nyash 😂😂😂. AfroPop! Nation recommends the dashiki; We usually have vendors that also sell various items to help u culture chic on.

3.) ***DON'T ask KATO to play TRAP M... // Hmmm Update on this rule: I've eased up on this rule a bit! The emergence of AfroTrap can't be ignored, and we've got a formula to MIX with other international music (we'll infuse a limited amount of it!) Still don't bother me with EXTRA requests. I did say LIMITED.. Thank you much!

4.) DO check out our various VENDORS! // We support local business and strongly encourage you to the same! Check out t featured artist of the month; Try face painting! They'll likely have items you like, and every vendor brings something interesting well worth the purchase 😉

5.) DO try to arrive early! // Arriving early has really cool benefits, like receiving dance instruction from Kizomba Alegria! Plus, you get more party for you pockets, ya dig?

6.) DO have FUN! // Ultimately it's all about spreading the culture through dope music, fashion, and promoting local business in a welcoming atmosphere, right? Don't be afraid to dance! Ask about countries of origin! Network and socialize!
Tag a friend and spread the movement!

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