Tobias (@worldtripblog)

😍 Almost everywhere you walk in Granada❤️ you can have an incredible look to the mountains. And of course to one of the most famous sight seeing sights the #Alhambra. And yes it's totally worth it. It's a must do in Granada...

Daniel Bernabé (@danibernalac)

Qué artista @donlopete. Es un crack, un campeón, un figura, un mastodonte. #alhambra

Sofía Sánchez Aguilar (@sofisagui)

Noche 1, Día 1 en Granada. Se juntaron una mexicana y una colombiana con los mismos desórdenes, por ende, hay mucho voltaje ⚠️⚠️y demasiadas risas en un solo paseo
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Vanessa M. Barrios RYT (@vanessa.monique)

I really want to take a moment and wish @zombshua a very Happy Birthday 🎉 I have know Josh for 21 years now! We’ve been through so much together and our friendship hasn’t always been amicable 🤷🏽‍♀️ but the one thing remains he is still one of my longest and best friends I have ever had. Of course, he is an amazing father to Emma and honestly that’s all that ever matters. The first pic I think we are both 16 and 😂 miserable bored teenagers. The other two are from early 2000 and last one of course with Emma. Happy Birthday Joshua aka Baby daddy.😜 I hope you are having the greatest day with Emma! .
PS.. ladies he is single 😉 I have pretty solid connections. .
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Safirican (@safirican)

If you ever go to #granada then make sure you hike up to the #alhambra . There's a lot to see and marvel at especially with its historical significance in the region and modern Europe as a whole!
Enjoyed stolling around the gardens for hours on a super hot day.. make sure you have loads of water!
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