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This is about the mid point climbing down. The way down is a super steep and slick hole that's at about a 90% grade that goes down at least a quarter mile, I almost turned around a bunch of times, the walls were wet and slippery and and there were dozens of ropes you had to repel down with, some of them look like they were there for decades, some looked recently put there, the whole place was dusty and smelled like sulfur real bad. Gave me a headache. The fucking entrance is an old survive tube for the mine that they buried with rocks, but there's a hole you can crawl through on top and get in the tube, then you have to slide through a big ass gate and make your way down. Fuckin Rad! #auburn #caves #nohelmet #streamlight #wet #icouldofdiedandnoonewouldofknown #gas

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Great time with my lil sis in #Auburn. Hard to beat a 2 hour @justalittlemaggie workout on the Plains.

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After sleeping for nearly 5 hours this afternoon, D isn't quite ready for bed. We are introducing him to ET while I sandwich #auburnherringbone for @bregister24. #auburnquilt #babyquilt #auburn #wareagles

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Nick Fairley from Auburn and the New Orleans Saints decided to stop by work today. #whodat #neworleanssaints #saintsnation #auburn #auburntigersfootball #wardamneagle #wareagle