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Right at this very moment, there are over 40 million slaves in the world. 40 million people with a name, a face, and a family. 40 million people created in the image of God but living in some form of slavery. Together, we can fight this injustice—by saving one beautiful life at a time. Link in bio. #ProjectBeautiful

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Without realizing that the tissue of upper body and lower body are different,many 'complimented' me for having small legs without realizing I pressed 300kg too but my genetic is slightly fucked up and I'm organic af;as long as my ligaments are strong enough to break your pelvis into 4,it's fine for me for now.I don't wish to herniated my intestines into my balls nor stand with an underwear on stage.The moment cancer hit you,chemo melts your muscles .The difference between criticism and feedback is how we take them.Be it bodybuilding,fitness or calisthenics,emphasize more on your strength as well not just building muscle,burning fat or being slim.If you don't have weights,fill an one ltr water bottle with water,train you punches by grasping them so that during real situations,your punches would be sufficient to break someone's jaw or at least their nasal bridge.Most of the time,our knees are fine but pelvic acetabular,the ligaments surrounding the area might get ruptured when u try to raise in sudden to kick someone because you never even train them for 10 years except to kick your siblings.Its like moving a rusty socket from no where.It moves but it causes damage for you as well.If your're reading this up to this sentence, just don't get carried away and train ur punches with water bottles in front of a mirror and break it or don't break someone's face,causes grievous injuries and and pinpoint me for spreading this.
Be your own version of wonderwoman and superman,prepare yourselves because you will be thankful for it a day especially during Thaipusam or lonely late nights.

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#justiceleague for date night. I enjoyed it despite the bad reviews 👍🏻

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"নিয়নের রাস্তায় স্বপ্নের ভোর হয়
মিছিলের নগরে
অমৃত আশ্রয় অলি থেকে গলিতে
গলি ছেড়ে রাজপথ
শহুরে চৌকাঠ, বিবাগী জনমত...! .
আসমান তুই
কাঁদিস কেন?
অট্টালিকার পাহাড়ে...
মিছে হাসি, মিছে কান্না পথে পথের আড়ালে
ওহ গ্রিন সিগনাল,
রেড ওয়াইন দেয়ালে, দেয়ালে... .
এই শহর, যাদুর শহর!
প্রাণের শহর ঢাকারে... এই শহর, যাদুর শহর...
প্রাণের শহর আহারে..."
চিরকুটের কাছে আজীবন কৃতজ্ঞ থাকবো এই গানটার জন্যে। এই শহর নিয়ে আমার মত কিছু মানুষের আবেগটা যে এভাবে তারা বন্দী করে ফেললো এই কয়েক বাক্যে তা পুরো গানটা না শুনলে অনুভব করা যাবে না।
এই শহর যাদুর শহর! এর রাস্তায় রাস্তায় বেঁচে থাকে শত শত অব্যক্ত অনুভূতি, শত সহস্র রাতের নস্টালজিয়ায় ভোগানো আত্মার হাহাকার!
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Dhaka, Bangladesh. patience is the essence of praise for that is true worship. #mosque #oldtown #olddhaka #urban #dome #minaret #dhaka #bangladesh #travel #travelgram #instatravel #placeofworship

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Few days back,I selected few potential people in my following list, dm'ed them,asked something.I told them I have this plan to help those who underwent and undergoing dicrimintation,biases etc but I didn't update them about it.I asked their opinion how I could make it happen.The plan was simply,Im not an activist who going to rally for them because I'm aware of Nisbett and Borgida'a students 'suffering a seizure' experiment that showed human wont help people around them even its crucial.Even if they aware of this fact,it still never change the outcome.Some kind souls replied and some didn't.Some asked why you emphasized more on girls.One guy that knew me in person even teased me if It's because I born with a girl as twins.Its not only for girls,its even applicable for a skinny boy that get bullied.There might be 5 point of views,you can see it in 3 angles but the fact remains 1 and its remains the same.Teach someone,create awareness is complete bullshit.Dr Drew inference about how an 18 yr old and a 26 yrs old mind reacts to this is clear on my mind.I thought near death experiences would make difference for the mind of 25 yrs old above person but when I contacted an acid attack victim in person,even she didn't react the way I expected.We human prefer to be in a pseudo comfort zone with likes and comment more than figure out a solution or fixing it.This is a cunning man made world.No one will help you at those times when you're alone especially for girls.Every life starts by winning but world turns many into a loser.If the sperm next to you won the race,you wouldn't even existed.When some saw my knuckles,few even said it's so stupid to inflict such wounds.When you're passionate about something, people says you're doing great but when you're obsessed, people tel you that you're doing crazy and I'm aware the difference.In this era,being strong is more important than being fit or slim.Being healthy is essential but being strong is vital as well, especially for poor girls and skinny boys out there who can't help themselves with their bare hands during fight or flight situation.Even God won't help you.Even people around you will be an audience,right?

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Dhaka, Bangladesh. a place where one can sit and be reminded of all things important in life. #church #oldtown #olddhaka #urban #europeanquarter #dhaka #bangladesh #travel #travelgram #instatravel #placeofworship

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Where's Home? Mariam Magsi, 2017 .

In our new episode of Stance, we hear four perspectives on home, from those who've lost theirs. Listen via
#podcast #rohingya #venezuela #myanmar #bangladesh #grenfell #sanfrancisco #home #homeless #refugee #immigrants #migrants #stancepodcast #photography