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REIGNOFMEMES (@reignofmemes)

One punch only gives half the effect 🤔😒

Luxxie (@luxxieofficial)

Natural goodies with a splash of colour 😍

💋 Nicole Love ❤️®️ (@coco_nicole_love)

regram Bro this is so funny I had to share!! @mrstarzup kim ..but I just prefer a natural body..no surgery no booty shots 😢...also I'm not sure if your surgeon studied at a university but regardless, ask him to watch the latest episode of @hesaysshesaysuk (if you like it share it) #RostedByZues #roastsession #Rosted #Fun #Banter

TheCottage (@thecottage)

Listen, I don't care if my kids can read. These guys at Taco Bell just put a taco in a burrito. #mindblown #follow @thecottage

Manny Gentleman (@mannygentleman)

Yeah A str8 one my don must have a plug working in the cinema 😂😂 #meme #Comedy #banter