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Gone only for 1h feels like eternity #basenji #puppies

Artortis Show Leads (@artortis.leads)

Oro Nero has been shipped to Oz! Go to our Etsy shop to see our exclusive leads! Link to our shop is in bio and your dream show lead might be only one click away! 😉 ✨ 🐩

Mowgli.the.basenji (@mowgli.the.basenji)

It's such a pity that @petco doesn't ship to Europe 😭 as I am in love with my new Starwars toys !!! We are quite lucky though as my huMom's friend in the USA accepted to receive and resend them to Paris. Can't get enough of the Chewbacca 👹🦁

Coda the Basenji 💛 (@codathesenji)

🙄 I hate photoshoot day 🐾

Annika (@ashiki_basenjis)

My neck pillow this morning is Levi.. I have polished windows, and my arms and neck hurts, nothing like the warmth from a basenjiboy to make me feel better.. It is as he knew.. 💜 Still more windows to go, but that's for another day.. #basenji #bestbreed #bestdogever #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinstaworld #dogoftheday #heartnsoulterrier #ratterrierworld #love4everminek9