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He’s so cute when he screams β€œwhooo” and then asks β€œIs it to early for this?” haha aw ❀️

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My family is annoying af

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β€œShould I meet her?” Aaron asks himself as he’s walking back and forth in his room. β€œNo. Bad idea.” He sits on the comfy one seated sofa in his room. β€œI’ll see,” he sighs. [Cell phone ringing] Aaron stands up and walks towards his bed to take the phone call. It’s Arnold. Aaron answers the call. β€œYes?” He says. β€œBring me some ice cream,” says Arnold from the other line of the phone. Aaron scoffs and hangs up. *more in comments*

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I need new music by Justin πŸ™„

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This is the best pic, you will see today
credit: psychjenner🏹