memes (@bieberecord)

I kinda miss this kind of hype, like take your time but I can't wait for your future album

Justin Bieber (@okfetus)

I always think that I bless you everyday with my posts but probably it's just an ilusion lol

Lynn University Admission (@lynnuadmission)

Today we welcomed our new international students, so we felt it would be appropriate to feature one of our all time favorite international students, Jake Bentwood! "My guilty pleasure is that I love Justin Bieber. He's my generation's music. From ages 13-22, he's always been in." Name: Jake
From: Manchester, England
Major: Marketing
My style: Comfort over style
#AllStylesWelcomeWednesdays #AllStylesWelcome #LynnUniversity #CollegeCampus #CampusLove #Style #EnglishMan #BieberFever

Justin Bieber (@okfetus)

Comment your age backwards

Justin Bieber (@favesbizzle)

Honestly I'm getting really tired of hearing that one song by Shawn Mendes like every time I turn the radio on in the car

Justin Bieber (@okfetus)

Ik i'm a bit too late but Stranger Things is a such a good serie omg

We Love You (@bizzlesstans)

I used to love posting on here but all y'all care about now is the amount of followers you have n how many likes you get and just NO MAN. IT'S NOT ABOUT THAT.