Shoshana Zacharias (@szacharias_artistry)

Can we talk a going booty Gainzzz!!! This is only 3 months apart. Can you believe that? I think every girl goes through stages where they think they have to be the smallest person ever. But that has been my whole life. I always thought I Couldn't be "bulky" because I'm short and I would look short and fat. So I worked out, barley ate, and would stare in the mirror thinking "is my thigh gap big enough" or "why do I still have fat on my hips". Low self esteem is an on going struggle. But one day I was told I was to skinny by someone I thought loved how I looked.. And I didn't like that. I felt defeated.. So what did i do? I picked my self up, stopped feeling sorry for my self, and started getting pissed. Which that is a good thing. I needed that anger and that energy to bring to the gym. I wanted to show my self that I can be 5 foot and be petite but I can be strong. A strong body, but a strong mind. In the beginning I never thought I would be where I am today. Just a couple months of 6 meals a day, the gym every day, and being able to have that fire I needed in my mind has put me where I feel the prettiest. Now I can look in the mirror and say I like what I see. I like that my thighs are bigger or my shoulders are wider. Because that shows my strength. That I don't put up with feeling down on my self. People want to know why I put so much emphases on my body and working out.. This is why. I'm actually healthy and I love my body more than I ever did. #strength #workingout #bodybuild #bodybuilding #bodyimage #gym #gymlife #worldgym #bulking #bulkingseason #muscle #musclebuilding #squats #legpress #quads #bootyfordays #bootygainz #girlboss #pageant #pageantprep #pageantgirl #pageantbody #gainz #bodybuildingmotivation #bodyfitness #bodypositive #bodygoals

Erica Stenz (@ericastenz)

Love, love, love having these Barry's boys in my class today! #BABES #winedetox #fitfam #barrysf

⌛️Body Goals⌛️ (@body.goals.bitch)

💕 #bodygoals 😩 im trying 2 look as good as @naealize by summer 😩😍

Erica Stenz (@ericastenz)

This is us getting out the butterflies before our #warriorwomen class today 😆

Just want to give the biggest shout out to @gabby_denigris for taking Barry's to another level today. From the minute she got on the mic I was inspired by her words, her energy and her ability to unite us today 💓

And to all the woman that came to support us today, we are truly grateful. Keep pushing through adversity, stand for progress, and have your girl's back. Thank you WARRIOR WOMEN. #empower #fitfam #barryssf

Thomas Hurd (@tjhurd)

Just getting to gym turning on my beats headphones 🎧 getting ready to go muthafkn ham in gym