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I consider my @noosaamsterdam leather bracelet and handbag to be a part of my ‘uniform’, you hardly see me without it. They’re available in salon and create your own look with different chunks to clip on. The chunks also all have their own special meaning. #noosastyle #noosaamsterdam #noosachunks #adelaidefringe #gardenofunearthlydelights

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We can’t get enough of colours 💗spring mood 🌸#fashion #colours #instafashion #boho #bohochic #bohostyle #happy #style #ibiza #miami #sttropez #mallorca #colourpop shop online pasarela-blu.de 🌴👙🌵

NICOLE HERRIDGE (@nicole.eah)

If you believed in santa for 8 years you can believe in yourself for 8 minutes - when I started this page I did it to show love to all of those teenagers out there who didn’t have confidence not being a teenager for a long time now I wanted to make you smile with a wise head. Always be yourself and always stay humble and have lots of fun along the way 💫

NICOLE HERRIDGE (@nicole.eah)

Be a Pineapple 🍍
Wear your crown
And be sweet on the inside ~

Featuring the beautiful new black jumpsuit by #peopletree
And @arkcolourdesign pocket money orange purse.

Available in store and online @blink_falmouth
Photographer | @eviejohnstone.stylist

NICOLE HERRIDGE (@nicole.eah)

Adventure in my soul ~
Featuring the beautiful new Spring Collection by @blink_falmouth
Photographer | @eviejohnstone.stylist