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BACK-TO-SCHOOL Teen Treatment Facial for this teenage beauty!
With back to school approaching soon, we're sure CLEAR SKIN is on your list of Back-to-School essentials.
Whether you’re sending your kids off or if you’re the #student who’s going to hit the books, you should consider getting facials NOW.
It’s especially important for #teens to have facials because, in addition to the wear and tear of the summer sun, their ever-changing #hormones can cause skin issues like #acne and #breakouts
Get a head start on your back-to-school skin NOW! CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO TO BOOK!
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Let #acne fade into your #rearviewmirror eliminate #breakouts, #reduce the size and severity of #blemishes #OVERNIGHT and prevent future breakouts #Emuaid #Acnetreatment promotes the fast resolution of #rosacea and #cysticacne #TurnHopeIntoHealing #GetClearSkinNow

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My skin has been freaking out lately and no I haven't been eating the healthiest... so it's back on track for me and trying my best not to be stressed. I made a face toner spray to help with my breakout and so far, it seems to be helping. Who knew migraine oil could double as a skin toner?! That's why I love this stuff

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Shirley (@unwantedbreakouts)

💜UNBLEMISH skincare regimen for acne, blemishes and breakouts! This daily, full-face system combines cosmetic and active OTC ingredients to eliminate most acne blemishes before they are visible on the skin's surface.


@KISSINGFRESH has amazing, coconut-based 🌴skin and dental products. Whiten teeth naturally 😁 and fight acne at the source. Check out their page @KISSINGFRESH ✅ www.KissingFresh.com

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WHO WANTS A FREE 2 DAY CLEANSE???? 😍 Drink 1 bottle in the morning 🌞 and 1 at night 🌜for 2 days in a row. Drink plenty of water + eat clean 🌿. It's that simple! 😍
Here are some signs that you need to cleanse your body: 😴 Low Energy/Always Tired 💭 Brain Fog 🤔 Difficulty losing weight - even with exercising/eating healthier 🚫 Feeling BLAH & having bad breakouts 😔 ALWAYS getting sick!
If any of these apply comment your emoji below for details 👇🏼 4️⃣ spots left!! #cleanse #eatclean #lowenergy #tired #brainfog #weightloss #breakouts #alwayssick

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It may be your life line to the outside world but swipe to see how your phone may be your skin's worst nightmare

Skin Care Expert (@eavannabreen)

I enjoy tailoring my treatments to each and every client. No two clients have the same skin, so no two facials are exactly the same. Whatever your skin issues are, whatever it is that you would like to address, I carefully consider my treatment approach. Click the link in bio if you need a facial @eavannabreen

Vee Mistry -Skin Therapist! (@veemistry)

#acne a skin condition that has grown at a rapid rate especially amongst the young professionals!

3 starting tips-
-Get your hormones tested! -Don't pick and pop the breakouts! -Use the correct skin care prescription!

DM me if you have more questions or would like to book an appointment.

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This gel is so amazing! You can do so much with this alone and that's why I love it!
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Since I was around 12 years old I've struggled with my skin.
So oily that I'd be a risk to marine life if I went in the sea, serious acne, major hormonal breakouts, closed comedones everywhere, scars & major PIH.

I tried everything (bar Accutane due to depression contraindication), various BC, Retin A, Duac, benzoyl peroxide & every single product in the shops for spots, acne & "teenage skin". I'm 33 years old & up until a year ago I was still battling my skin, still shopping in the "teenage" skin section. Over half my life in a war I thought would never win.
NEVER before would I have felt comfortable posting a photo (or several) of my naked face. This is me today. No makeup, no filters, no editing (I'm not savvy enough to know how to do that). My skin is not perfect, but I'm finally happy with it. Finding the perfect holy grail products for my skin has been a lot of trial & error (ALWAYS PATCH TEST NEW PRODUCTS!!) & making the change to a Ketogenic diet has made a huge difference.
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🌴Jackee🌴 (@needamakeupfix)

Never thought I'd be dealing with cystic acne in my 40's, yet here I am. As a teen, I'd get the occasional hormonal breakout but never anything like this. While mild in comparison to other cases I've seen, it still bums me out because of the scars and pigmentation left behind.
The picture above is from a few months ago when I had a breakout. I have been really sticking to a good skin care routine and as you can see on the bottom picture, the scars and pigmentation are starting to fade.

What has worked for me may not work for the next person who is suffering from acne, but if any of you are interested in knowing what I've been using, please let me know and I will share.

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Lauren Patricia (@laurenpnaylor)

Absolutely love this gentle exfoliating cleanser from @beaskinclinic especially teamed with the konjac sponge.
Both = squeaky clean, and the sponge has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties - so I'm praying pre time of the month it keeps those breakouts at bay! #londonlife #breakouts #acne #copper #vitamina #vitaminc #skin #bblogger #skincare #nails #checkmyyoutubeabove #trends #hyaluronicacid #dontbegelish @tonylily_nails

ALEXANDRA POTORA (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* (@alexandrapotora)

Reveal new & glowing skin, moisturize, help heal stretch marks, relieve redness, irritation & help treat eczema & body acne - all with 1 recipe. 🅣🅐🅖 🅐 🅕🅡🅘🅔🅝🅓 & spread the LOVE.

1 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons Grapeseed oil
1 tablespoon Rosehip oil
1 tablespoon Argan oil
1 tea bag - Green tea
5-10 drops Rosemary essential oil


Brown sugar exfoliates to remove dead skin cells & it’s less abrasive than salt, because it dissolves more easily. Any type of sugar can work, but brown is usually the finest, least abrasive & best suited for sensitive skin.
Grapeseed oil gets easily absorbed into the skin. It's highly soothing & softening, thanks to the vitamins C, E & fatty acids in its composition. This oil's restructuring qualities make it ideal for healing stretch marks as well, while its linoleic acid can also help treat eczema.
The antioxidants in rosehip oil fight off free radical damage. The vitamin A & the essential fatty acids in its composition, help improve skin texture & pigmentation, while the vitamin C aids in collagen formation. This oil is deeply moisturizing & will also help relieve redness & irritation.
Argan oil absorbs quickly, without leaving an oily residue. It's rich in vitamins A & E, anti-oxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids & linoleic acid. The ideal add-on exfoliant, it helps heal stretch marks, razor bumps & burns, and helps to deeply nourish the skin.
Green tea has antibacterial & anti-Inflammatory properties. It gently exfoliates, while a certain class of antioxidants (known as catechins) are especially effective in fighting off the signs of aging. More specifically, the catechin 'EGCG' which makes up a large % of the catechins in green tea, has been found to revive dying skin cells, to a certain extent.
Rosemary oil is beneficial to the skin, because it's rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins & antioxidants.

This makes enough for 3 uses. Store at room temperature, in a dark place.

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