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want your face to feel smooth as a babies bottom?! rodan+fields microdermabrasion paste is a major exfoliating cleansing scrub that removes dead, dull skin, leaving you with your freshest face and a pretty glow. it also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores. make up goes on smoother and helps boost your other skincare products so they can penetrate your skin deeper. (“not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate” name that movie 😂) use 2-3 times a week in place of your daily cleanser. this is a must have in your routine. no one wants dry, dull, flaky skin! message me!

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Get yours today, with the link in our bio or feel free to send us a DM for more info.
"Skincare in 3D, your skin in Higher Definition."- Menvydia Cosmetics

Menvydia Cosmetics (@menvydiacosmetics)
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Menvydia Cosmetics (@menvydiacosmetics)

TONA LIGHT®️ Lip Peeling Mask w/ Pomergranate & Pure Grape Extract for burnt, darkened and discolored lips. Lightens to reveal brighter & smoother lips. #lip #lipmask #comingsoon

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Rodan+Fields is the #1 anti acne line for a reason. The Unblemish regimen is the very best there is. I love a good before and after- this is a R+F preferred customer who happens to also be named Amanda! I love to see the incredible results our customers are seeing using our products. I've had acne prone skin for many years, so I get it. And my skin issues were exacerbated by pregnancy. I've tried every product over the years - from everything available over the counter at the drug store, to products prescribed by a dermatologist. And absolutely NOTHING cleared up my skin like Rodan+Fields. Rodan+Fields has shown me that you do not have to live with acne. You don't have to live with monthly breakouts. Even if you just occasionally break out, these products will put a stop to the breakout cycle. For the first time in years, my skin is so clear I can go out and about without makeup on. Such a freeing feeling! If you've struggled with breakouts, don't live with it another day. Send me an email (my email is in my profile) and you can begin life with clear skin! I'm offering a special R+F mini facial to anyone who orders a regimen this week! Contact me today.

Menvydia Cosmetics (@menvydiacosmetics)

Nighttime Skincare Routine ✨
🔳 @tonalight Pimple & Dark Spot Remover
🔳 @makaridesuisseofficial Skincare Products
(Lightening 24k Gold Serum, Beauty Milk & Lotion)
🚨TONA LIGHT®️ Pimple & Dark Spot Remover, now on Sale!🚨 (Shop now with the link in bio)

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Just a friendly reminder: The Silica Scrub is no more! We have officially discontinued the scrub and while you were asleep, replaced it with the new Antioxidant scrub! Same great use, now even better! If you have any questions regarding the changes please email us: ☺️

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You can purchase test strips to test your skins ph levels. Healthy skin is slightly acidic! Its totally ok if your skin experience imbalance ph level ....It's NORMAL!!! By toning your skin TWICE a day you can maintain a level of 5.5!!! I recommend thayers rose water witch hazel or any astringent of your choice! 😍😍😍😍😍 Remember to Cleanse, tone, exfoliate!

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Do we have to use a separate eye cream? Its a question I get asked almost daily. I say yes, it is a good idea. Unless you know your skin or you know how to read the ingredients list on the side of a moisturiser, then it is the best option. No eye cream, regardless of cost is going to remove wrinkles. Wrinkles are like scars, once they are there that's it they are there to stay....Unless you have fillers or Botox...then they will be gone for a while. However the right eye cream will help to slow the process down. For best advise speak to your therapist about the best options for your skin type.

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6 hours learning and experiencing the heart of these amazing people. They are the real deal. Thank you for the gift karen! #authenticity #breakouts #bethel #worshipnight #learning

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#TipTuesday ✨ Plug in an iPod speaker and play whatever de-stresses you. Research suggests that fat cells expand when stress hormone is present. Stress hormone decreases faster when relaxing music is present, so put on your favs to keep your body happier and your skin clearer. ✨#rosegold #music🎶 #destress

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#tfw your Proactiv products arrive 🙌🙌🙌 #regram: @lilian.malaeb

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AKA the best time of day! @halleysirias looking adorbs as ever while using X Out! 😘 #regram

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Day 80 something?? Literally so much better! Mostly just redness and scarring now! Guys accutane sucks to be on but the results are so amazing 😍