Adam Kenworthy (@adamkenworthy)

N Y C L U N C H C L U B | Romaine hearts, toasted sunflower seeds, breakfast radish, avocado, butternut squash, baby shiitake. Dressed with a sunflower seed and mint vinaigrette. Side of avo toast. | @vtraina @thelinenyc 🎼Bossa Cubana ~ Los Zafiros

Princess Oreo 💋 + Batman 🦇 (@oreo_the_princess_)

There's no room on my benches for you to sit 😈 #spoiled #oreotheprincess

Carlee Hackl (@carlee.hackl)

His little button nose 😍😘

Pork & Beans + TT PiSTACHio (@_porkchopthecat_)

Beans is scared of her own shadow, so naturally, when people come over or there's a loud noise outside, like a thunderstorm happening, she becomes very anxious, runs and hides and won't come out for hours.
Well, we recently discovered @VetriScience Composure chews and before I knew it, I started to notice a change in her behavior. She became less tense, stayed out during our last thunderstorm and even started begging for belly rubs! #Amazing!
These chews are veterinarian-formulated, using safe and effective ingredients, that we would recommend trying if your cat sounds anything like Sweet Beans.
Oh, and they are great for car rides, like when it’s time to see the vet! Next Tuesday(August 22) is #NationalTakeYourCattotheVetDay, so it’s a great chance to think about scheduling those routine check-ups to #TakeGoodCare of your pet!
To learn more about this product, download coupons and also learn about special offers and promotions, click the link in our bio.
#VetriScience #TakeGoodCare #TakeYourCatToTheVetDay #ad


The thunderstorms are making me feel anxious today. ☹️ #scaredydog #gizmoarthur #pekingese

Kat Carpenter (@katcarpenter)

🌫️shaggy/ silver🌫️

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