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Tuk-tuk, Chiang Mai, Tailandia.
Los tuk-tuk son un buen transporte para moverte por Chiang Mai, estos coloridos vehiculos de tres ruedas son todo un simbolo no oficial de Tailandia. Cualquiera que viaje al país del Siam se sorprenderá al verlos por primera vez y seguro querrá subirse en uno de ellos, ya que son cómodos, rápidos y económicos, siempre que sepamos regatear con respeto y una sonrisa en la cara. Los conductores conocen bien la zona y nos serán de mucha ayuda para que nos enseñen algunos de los rincones preciosos de la ciudad.
Tuk-tuk, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The tuk-tuk are a goog transport to move through Chiang Mai, these colorful three wheeled vehicles are an unoffocial symbol in Thailand. Anyone who travels to the country of siam will be surprised to see them for the first time and will surely want to get into one of them because they are quick and economical, as long as we know how to bargain with respect and a smile on the face. Drivers know the area well and we will be very helpful to show us some of the beautiful corners of the city.
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20171121~1127 치앙마이
도이수텝 반나절투어
풍경이 아름다웠던 도이뿌이

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•••Jai Thep Festival, Thailand•••
Anyone ever wonder what it feels like to be FREE? 🦋🌿
Free from mental bondage.
Free of ego.
Free of institutional debt.
Free of societal judgement.
Free of personal condemnation.

We gotta get free y'all, but it's a daily process. 🌞🌺
Waking up w/ a mind ready to be cleaned.
A heart ready to give.
A soul ready to dance even in the midst of confusion.
So blessed to have connected w/ my Thai Soul sister @stellar_balcony the energy between us is unshakable. 🙏🏾💕
We met last year at Colour Fest in #bangkok & created magic these past 2 weeks in #chiangmai @jaithepfestival
Your heart is so pure & we share a magical reflection of eachother. Thank you for dancing w/ me...reminding me what freedom really FEELS like.
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| day 18 | Spirit animal 🐘

We left the lovely Pai and went back to Chiang Mai for a day trip to the Elephant Nature Park.
Trish did the background check (it is also mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide) and this is for real a elephant-friendly park. The owner dedicates her life to rescuing elephants. They have a lot of different tours. You can even volunteer to work at the camp for a while!
We chose the Freedom Tour, which means that we went to a camp where seperated elephant-families were reunited in an elephant-friendly environment.
The tour includes feeding them, take a walk in the park and some playtime in the water. The feeding part was the most important, as elephants have one big rule when it comes to friendship: ‘no food - no friends’. 💁🏻 Can you understand now why I feel so connected to them? 😂

It was a great experience and the fact that I got to do this with Kelly and Trish (part of the Pai-family) made it even better! At some the elephant-guides were hanging around and taking selfies so we kind of did the same thing ‘cuz #squadgoals 😎. Also as fellow solo-travellers we did our best to capture the best moments so we don’t only have selfies when we get back home 😂. ________________________________________

After this I got sick for 3 days and spend my time mostly sleeping in my dorm. I know I have some catching up to do about my trip, but I am totally working on it! ❤️

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Sunday mornings are the best. Starting the day right with healthy breakfast and plenty of fresh air⠀


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